Wales Space Strategy endorsement

Today the Welsh Government has launched its strategy for Space in Wales, endorsing the vision set out by the Space Wales Leadership Group last year.

The strategy sets an ambition for Wales to be a Sustainable Space Nation, addressing the challenges on earth through the medium of space.

The growth in the sector will likely have a significant impact on the economy and the well being of future generations in Wales and beyond. The jobs created are expected to be highly-skilled and well rewarded, and the focus on sustainability will ensure that the wider green agenda is met and designed into all developments.

Speaking to BBC Wales, Alan Davies (Development Manager for Space Wales) said: “We must remember this is about fixing challenges on Earth, from communication challenges to environmental ones, these problems can all be improved by the utilisation of space data and resources.”

Space Wales has established a series of Task and Finish groups to consider how best to deliver the vision of a Sustainable Space Nation.

A Sustainable Space Nation is accessible here:


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