Wales and Space Data

Data from Space has a big part to play in solving many of the challenges we face on earth. And here in Wales we are taking that seriously as we build a sustainable space nation.

  1. The Welsh Government Programme for Government has a mention of an ““Environmental Governance Body” – imagine what part space can play in that!
  2. The Vision for Space talks of establishing a specialist Earth Observation Group with representatives to develop detailed proposals for growing EO activity, including the potential for the establishment of a National Wales Space Observatory – contributors building a brighter future for us all!
  3. The vision also references a “Sustainable Space Accelerator” promoting sustainable practices upstream and stimulate awareness and demand downstream whilst also driving demand-driven research and development, making cleaner, greener, brighter space.

A cross-functional group will soon define the vision and rewards for each of the above. It will also start to define in more detail some of the challenges that can be addressed through space. And the combined outputs should eventually deliver proposals for funding the advancement of the idea for a Wales Observatory.

The first discussion will be on Monday 25 April and if you would like to be involved please complete this form.

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