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Wales has an advanced academic sector that already supports the global space sector. The Wales Space Academic Partnership (WASP), provides a single voice and strategic pathway for its members (and therefore for Wales) and strengthens the goals of the UK National Technology Plan. This approach is supported by the Wales Aerospace Forum and the Welsh Government.

WASP was founded with the following mission:
To support the development of space technologies; to protect planet earth, advance global connectivity, protect human kind
and further the exploration of space.

WASP supports The Arc of Innovation which offers the global space industry a winning combination.

  • World class R&D through the Wales Academic
    Space Partnership.
  • Strategic sites with airside access and room to
    locate and grow.
  • Space Innovation Support Facilities to
    support developments
  • Up and down stream space companies.
  • 2,500 sq miles of segmented airspace
    (supported by state-of-the-art, electro optical
    tracking, radar and telemetry), with the
    potential for direct and controlled access
    to space.


The University of Sheffield AMRC Cymru is a cutting-edge R&D facility, providing an open innovation platform accessible to all manufacturers of any size. Part of the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and a member of the High Value Manufacturing (HVM) Catapult, a consortium of leading manufacturing and process research centres backed by Innovate UK, our team de-risk R&D investment to drive step-change improvements in productivity, quality and sustainability.

Our ability to draw on the proven R&D talent of the University of Sheffield AMRC and the seven-member HVM Catapult, provides immediate strength in depth to support the Welsh Government in its ambition to make North Wales the epicentre of innovation driven, advanced manufacturing.

The AMRC’s global reputation as the go-to-place for aerospace R&D, whether in new engine manufacturing processes, inspection and verification, materials and methods for wing manufacture and connected factory development, makes us a
natural fit for North Wales which is a national hub for aerospace engineering and manufacturing excellence.

The R&D talent at AMRC Cymru is accessible to all. Working with the Welsh Government, our goal is to drive innovation across the wider economy of Wales, supporting sectors such as aerospace, food and drink and automotive, where Wales has great strengths, along with the extended SME supply chains that form the backbone of the economy.

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The CSA Catapult is a non-profit research and technology organisation helping UK companies develop advanced electronic systems using compound semiconductors.

The Catapult is focussed on three market areas: efficient power technologies to achieve Net Zero, future telecom networks and advanced sensor systems. All three market areas are crucial to the development of space-based technology including low earth orbit satellite constellations for 5G and 6G service provision.

The Catapult combines business expertise with highly qualified research teams and world leading facilities. In the past 2 years, the Catapult has initiated over £100m of projects, building UK manufacturing supply chains for high performance power conversion modules to help the automotive industry transition from internal combustion engines to electric traction.

In 2020, the Catapult formed a strategic partnership with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan, providing access to complementary technologies of critical importance to our key markets.

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Dr Andy G Sellars
Strategy Director, CSA Catapult

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